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Servers | KGS | PeterPan2 [9d]: Finaly I lost..., so I could get a solid rank ;-)

2009-03-15 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.2)  6 ratings

PeterPan2 [9d]: Finaly I lost..., so I could get a solid rank ;-)

Few hours ago "PeterPan2", 9-dan lost his first game. He has some relation to AGA, according to his profile information.
The main question is : Is he Li Jie, 9-dan from AGA?

I played Li Jie before and reviewed lot of his games for Go4Go portal. I believe that "PeterPan2" is Li Jie!
Li Jie is a powerful player, who is good at complicated fights. Fuseki is his weakest stage.

Please check the joseki choice on the top. White got a ponuki in sente + extension at H17. That ponnuki makes his central group stronger. After that the game is easy for White.
Most of professional players will block at Q17 instead of R16. Black must make a wall here, so he can still attack White's group in the center.

Also, Black Q8 is a very rare joseki, but I saw it used by Li Jie before in tournament games.

Maybe I am wrong and he is not Li Jie, but I bet that "PeterPan2" is not a professional player. He fights well, but his fuseki is not on pro level.


2k 2009-03-17 01:03
After one of his games, he was asked if he is Jie Li, he answered: "Sorry, I'm not".
4d ( US ) 2009-03-16 03:03
If he was really Jie Li I think he should resign from AGA board with that stuff in his profile. Must be somebody else.

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