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Servers | KGS | Interview: Oh Chimin (RustySword on KGS) about KGS, Shusaku cup and European stars


2009-04-01 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.1)  9 ratings

Interview: Oh Chimin (RustySword on KGS) about KGS, Shusaku cup and European stars

O Chimin, 7-dan is 22 years old Korean.  He stays in Germany for several years

In 2002 he won the Korean amateur Taewang tournament – ahead of Ha Sungbong, WAGC winner and other former top class inseis

In 2008 he got 2nd place in Korean University student’s championship.

Few days ago he got the first place in Shusaku cup in Romania.

Here is his recent interview for Goama magazine (short version). The full interview is available only for Goama subscribers.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Shusaku cup! You won all 6 games, but what was the hardest game for you?

A. Thank you! I think the hardest game was the one against Cho Seokbin. He’s strong as we all know. And another one against Pal Balogh was also difficult but I was sure I won by a small margin at the end.


Q. In 1996-1997 you was one of the most promising kids in Korea, together with Kang Donyun and Kim Chiseok - they are top pros now. What happened later? Did you stop studying Go?

A. I think they were younger and slightly stronger than me despite we exchanged some wins and losses. When I was 13 years old, I temporarily stopped playing Baduk for a year because I got fed up with a competition. But I started playing again later.


Q. We know you as RustySword on KGS. Do you play on other servers? If so, can you share with us your nicknames?

A. I used to play some games on Tygem and Cyberoro. I have the highest amateur dan ranked accounts on both servers. My winning rate is under 60% on Tygem, about 75% on Cyberoro, as far as I remember.

Sorry for not saying my accounts.


Q. KGS is much different from Korean servers and lot of people in Korea knows nothing about KGS. How do you think, can we attract top Korean pros and amateurs, if we advertise KGS well in Korean newspapers, magazines, Baduk TV and Sky Baduk channels?

A. On this matter, I have much to say. I saw some Korean players try to play on KGS. But it’s quite hard for them to play in very beginning because a player without rank can’t play with other ranked players very soon. So I also saw them give up playing on KGS. That was a pity. In my opinion, one of the attractions of KGS is that players from various countries play. But some strong players don’t seem to like English. If we succeed in emphasizing the importance of English to them, they will try to learn and get interested in it. For example, if some cities are ready to have Baduk teachers through KGS, that will be a great attraction for both sides.

Q.Who are the most promising players in Europe? (not necessarily top players now, but will be top players in 1-2 year) and who has the biggest chances to become the next European professional?

A. I think Artem Kachanovsky and Lukas, they are very talented players. Specially, I guess Artem will be one of the top European players soon. Would it take in 2 years? He not only is strong, but also has a good attitude for Baduk. I have to learn this from him. And Lukas, he’s officially 2 dan. But when I played with him, I felt he’s more like 3 dan, or even stronger. Anyway, his moves are well-organized


Q. And the last question. How do you plan to use that Kaya goban, which you got for the first place in Shusaku cup? It’s very heavy, I guess and it will be hard to take it abroad.

A. In fact, I got a signature from Mok Jinseok 9P after the tournament. I think selling or giving it away is very rude to him. So I will keep the board well as my own treasure.




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