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2009-04-20 Expert: Kirby Rate: (4.1)  8 ratings

Showdown: bigbadwolf vs. roln111. The result is...?

A spectacular showdown between KGS superstar bigbadwolf 9d (Andy Liu) and roln111 8d (Ilya Shikshin) gave rise to around 350 spectators on KGS today, and what an exciting match it was!

Much to the pleasure of his fans, Andy has been doing quite well on KGS lately, and seems to be playing pretty often these days.  His games typically bring a lot of spectators, but perhaps today was even more exciting than usual since Ilya Shikshin was one of the few people that have actually beat bigbadwolf recently on KGS (see their April 12th, 2009 game, where roln111 8d wins by resignation).

Today's game had spectators on their toes, as players calculated who would win, and who was actually ahead.  After capturing black's stones with 76, it seemed that white had an advantage, but black's influence at the bottom was great.  roln111 8d used his power to attack the central white group, all the while making his potential territory more likely to be secure!

White was able to live in the center, but black promptly killed the white 3-3 stone with Q18.  White's beautiful sequence from 130-134 captured a number of black's stones in sente, and players began to wonder who was really ahead.  As usual, supporters from both sides projected their guesses on the game result.  White's plays from around move 144 in the corner seemed futile and desperate, leading some to believe that roln111 was going to win the game again.

But after a very long and drawn out ko fight, the result was....



2009-04-21 05:04
New Zeland rules are good! Never saw them used before by top players

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