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Servers | KGS | A new 9d emerges to challenge yagumo 8d! Is yagumo 8d rapyuta?

2009-04-29 Expert: Kirby Rate: (3.8)  4 ratings

A new 9d emerges to challenge yagumo 8d! Is yagumo 8d rapyuta?

An 8d on KGS known as "yagumo" is thought by some to be none other than the great blitz master, rapyuta.  The well known player, rapyuta 8d KGS is known quite well for his fast blitz settings, and excellent win rate.  It seems that yagumo 8d KGS has quite a similar style and speed of play.

In addition to this, while sometimes hesitant to play weaker ranked players, rapyuta would often be known to play against random guests that had no rank.  Not many players do this, but yagumo is also the same!

Unfortunately, playing random guests sometimes makes for not-as-exciting games.  Sometimes weaker players may just make a guest account for a chance to play rapyuta or yagumo.  It's not uncommon for the opponents to seem far below yagumo's level.

After playing a number of guests, and a couple of ranked players today, though, a new guest emerged today to challenge yagumo to battle.  The guest account has not been used since it expired sometime ago, until today.  The account's name is none other than "beatme".

To the surprise of many, and certainly to myself, "beatme" actually had the strength to seem to stay on par with yagumo 8d KGS, having beat yagumo 3 times in a row, achieving the rank of 9d after only 3 games.

Enjoy this great spectacle of a game, like hundreds of other KGS fans did today.  Whether or not yagumo is truly rapyuta, we cannot know for sure, but perhaps beatme can stand on even ground against even rapyuta were they to play today!


2009-04-30 08:04
Beatme? It was the famous IGS star with this nickname. He crushed lot of top pros

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