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Servers | KGS | Battle at the top : MilanMilan and BigBadWolf engage in a fierce battle!

2009-05-10 Expert: Euphorie Rate: (4.4)  7 ratings

Battle at the top : MilanMilan and BigBadWolf engage in a fierce battle!

I shouldn't have to present you the players anymore.

MilanMilan is one of the strongest KGS player eventhough the #1 spot has been taken by PeterPan2, his games always draw hundred of people rejoicing in anticipation and waiting for his opponents to be crushed.

BigBadWolf aka Andy Liu or nicknamed bbw on KGS is the #3 kgs player, if I recall correctly he also was doodle. On tygem he is andyusa 9d, meaning he certainly have pro level as many pros falls from time to time to 8d.


The game is well beyond my strength but nevertheless it's fun and interesting to watch all those tesuji and countersuji. Enjoy the show.


2009-05-11 04:05
I watched it twice, but still it's hard for me to understand this battle with so many tennukis
2009-05-11 03:05
no confirmation yes. I read that in a KGS kibbitz. i should look for it.
1k 2009-05-10 10:05
Maybe I missed it, but there was no confirmation that doodle is Andy Liu.
On the other hand breakfast proved that MilanMilan is Pete Liu chinese 2p.
2009-05-10 01:05
I thought doodle was some chinese 2p ?

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