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2009-05-30 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4)  5 ratings

What is the main weakness of KGS?

The interface is very good, there are lot of admins,
tournaments and broadcasted games . The atmosphere is friendly.
We don't have much escapers and rude players.
What is the main problem we have?

There are not so many strong players - players of the professional strength.
We can see them sometimes, but they often returns to other Go servers, because
nobody can beat them on KGS and they think that it's boring to play weaker
Here is the list of the undefeated players - most of them are not active on
KGS anymore. Maybe we have some top pros here ...
We can also include kitahama (20-0-1 unfinished, you may see here his last game on KGS) and sariyu (19-0-1 unfinished)

dinner 13 0
magic 9 0
gooxan 8 0
pandaren 8 0
hirakawade 7 0
nekoonna 7 0
sauter 7 0
djcalvino 7 0
Qnet 6 0
nanichi28 6 0
isoriso 6 0
desert 6 0
len 6 0
mnbvcxz 6 0
iam7dan 5 0
IGS9dan 5 0
Lyonweiqi 5 0
steles 5 0
pising 5 0
qingqing 5 0
xinhig 5 0
champ 5 0
gokou 5 0
acd 5 0
Takanashi 5 0
ericbravo 5 0
Younggil 5 0
affaprince 5 0


2009-06-03 04:06
I actually am not concerned that pros, like breakfast, won't play on KGS. I'm not at the skill level where I could challenge them. However, I do get value out of their lectures and teaching, which lets them reach many more players. When more of us reach the high dan levels on KGS, maybe then pro players will be more interested in playing. The down side is that many high dan players already go to the asian servers for their serious games, leaving KGS as the "goof off" social site. It does all trickle down.
5d ( US ) 2009-06-01 03:06
The problem is pros do not play on this server. Pros only use KGS to make money, including you, Breakfast.
2 kyu 2009-05-31 02:05
Ah yeah if you want an even game then only people my own strength or lower will play me.... because everyone is overprotective of their ranks. So maybe they should make the ranks fluctuate more. I dont know that aguilar is really only 6 dan. I think maybe alot of 7 dans know better than to play him. Who would want to play on a server like this?? Lately I also got banned for talking about warning....just banned like that. When they explained it was temporary I asked them to please delete my account. I like OGS the best because I can play people of different strengths and Tygem is cool. KGS just misses the human aspect of go.
2009-05-31 10:05
It's a good thing that pro players like breakfast play a lot of games on KGS to encourage other pros to play there. Oh... Wait... :)
5d ( US ) 2009-05-30 06:05
Perhaps awareness of the server is a big problem? When I was in China, I asked many of classmates (mostly 8-10 year olds) whether they knew of KGS and not a single one had ever heard of it.

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