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2009-01-20 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (2.8)  8 ratings

"DrStraw" about "tartrate": Alex is right!


I said I was never going to post again, and I also said that I would promise never to reveal who Tartrate was.

However, this seems like it is worthy of my 3000th post. Now that breakfast has revealed who Tartrate is, despite his wishes to remain anonymous I will confirm that he is right. I have know for several years that Kim Myungwan is, indeed, Tartrate.

He created the KGS account when he was only 6p and his English was not so good. He had a Korea student, resident in the USA, who would log in and chat as Tartrate and negotiate games. He would start the game, disconnect immediately, and the real Tartrate would log on and play. The two of them communicated with some other tool whenever Tartrate wanted to play a game. This is why there was a rumour that he lived in the upper midwest - his student did. Tartrate, himself was in Korea.

I was told this in confidence. I did not learn it because I was an admin. I did, however, use my admin privelges to confirm that the account was logged into from two different countries.



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