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Servers | KGS | Czech Republic Championship Match: Ondrej Silt vs Radek Nechanicky

2009-07-06 Expert: GabrielB Rate: (5)  2 ratings

Czech Republic Championship Match: Ondrej Silt vs Radek Nechanicky

The Czech championship is being played this days, and some interesting games were broadcasted in kgs. In particular, this game between Ondrej and Radek was very nice.

After some fighting Ondrej had a superior position as black had many weak groups, but he overplayed in bottom left (J5), and black captured cuttingstones in a ladder. As the fight continued black could sucessfully save all his groups and the territorial lead was clear. Nevertheless he was greedy by playing big yose early(N18) and trying to get more out of his stones with the atari of N13.

If black played N13 at M11, black would be ahead both territorially and he would have a clear thickness advantage.

Even so, white captured black in the complications of the fight and black had some inadequate compensation in bottom right. Nevertheless this game was probably decided in yose: black made style mistake by playing N3:after pusing at n4, white cedes with m5 and keeps his stone connected, escaping a dreaded semedori (force to capture) which would have cost between 5 and 10 points.  N3 at N4 would prevent the sequence in game.


Ondrej won all his games in this championship keeping the title of strongest in Czech Republic.


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