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2009-08-03 Expert: GeorgeW Rate: (3.4)  5 ratings

Super Go Robot?

A new authentic high dan player has appeared on KGS it seems: smartrobot. He has only two losses so far, and both on time. Perhaps he has a bad internet where he lives. In the first loss on time, it was in the fuseki, and my feeling was that he was slightly ahead fusek-wise. In the second game he lost on time, he was losing by a few points at the end of yose. However, he has yet to truly lose an even game yet. So perhaps he can rise even higher, to 9d. My opinion is that he is not quite strong enough.

This game opened normally, with a Shusaku-like configuration initially. In fact, this opening was very peaceful and there were no strange moves played. All the corner variations were joseki patterns. The first interesting manuver of the game came with Black 49, when Hutoshi tried to seal White's lower left group to create a lower central moyo. White resisted with C10 after Black D9 in order to take territory and sente, though he was still sealed. Then he invaded with 58 at Q13 to attack Black's R10 stone,  seemingly the only weak point in Black's shape. However, Black simply connected at S13, even though it was low. While it may be submissive, I am not sure whether Black would have gotten anything useful by jumping out and fighting. Then White forced at E14, to which Black also replied submissively, and suddenly White had a deep moyo on the top.

After White 62 to try to enlarge the moyo, Black reduced with 63. The ensuing fight was highly favorable  for Black. As Black created a big center territory while incurring little damage to his lower side. White's center potential was completely eliminated. However, soon Black would overplay. When White played 106 at G13 to both enlarge his territory and reduce Black's, Hutoshi attempted to struggle with H16, an overplay. White ended up capturing the top invasion in a huge way, leaving no room for Black to come back yet again. White was very calm after his center disaster and played with great patience, waiting for Black to slip up.


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