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2009-10-31 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (4)  3 ratings

Austrian Open 2009 - ko threat decides the game

We would like to present a game between Balogh Pal 6D and Pop Cristian 7D from Pandanet Austrian Open 2009. The game turned out to be very exciting and despite all ko fights and big exchanges surprisingly close up to the very end. It's hard to say whether it was due to a time pressure or to the endgame exhaustion but Cristian made a blunder in yose which cost him the game (losing move 252 should be F19 instead C19 which doesn't give ko threats to black). In the right variant white would win 2,5 points.
EuroGoTV broadcast the game on the KGS which gathered around 500 observers. And they were not disappointed as the game turned out to be a real thriller. Please enjoy the game while we keep track on the major events of the tournament.

For the tournament info please visit: http://goverband.at/austrian_open_2009/index.html


3d ( SI ) 2009-11-16 12:11
but W has to answer B ko threat at S3, right? and does B than has another ko threat in that area?

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