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2009-11-05 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.6)  9 ratings

An interview with "CROWIS" on KGS (Hwang Inseong)

Source: Goama magazine

Hwang, 7-dan is the former Korean insei, who stays in Germany now. He is one of the strongest players in Europe. He also had successful results in several amateur Korean tournaments

Q. What are your future plans? Do you plan to stay in Germany or
return back to Korea?

A. I want to stay in Europe for about 2 years from now and I want to have many experience while I'm staying in Europe. I've been staying in Germany already 1 and half year(including 1year in 2005-2006) so I want to move to somewhere else. My first choice is London and I hope to stay here 1 year and next maybe France? I did not decide yet
One day, I'll make some internet Go school for European player. I hope it will help Europeans to improve

Q. How do you think, is it possible to improve Go, while staying in
Europe as fast as in Asian Go schools?

A. I have my own theory. There are three things what you need for best way of improving at Go.
(1) Various similar level players,
(2)Good teacher (for commenting your games),
(3)Regular league system (which you can play as serious as a tournament game)
It means that if people can play serious game at least 3 times a week regularly and review all of their game by strong player, then people can improve fast.
But in Europe, there no that kind of system and not much strong player, so it's hard to improve.

Q. Several Korean amateurs went to Japan, because it’s easier to pass
pro exams in this country. Did you consider such plan?

A. I think less than 5 people went to Japan so far for becoming Pro. It's not that many.
but it'll increase in the future, because it's easier.
I don't have that kind of plan. I heard there are some complicate conditions. For example, someone has to stay at least 2 years in Japan if he wants to get permission of pro test.

Q. What do you think about the chances of Hong Maelgunsaem, who became 1p
in Kansai Kiin few days ago, to win big titles, such as Kisei, Meijin
or Honinbo?

A. Yes, I read about him. He deserves it! Hong was the one of the best amateurs in Korea.
I hope that other Korean guys will become pro in Japan too
It's hard to guess that he may have major title in Japan, I can only say that he'll have good score in pro games

Q. What is the main weak point of all European Go players? Can we say,
that Koreans usually read combinations better?

A. The way of thinking is different. In Europe they like standard things very much and always follow them. But it’s good to know that not all josekis are acceptable in different positions. The same thing in yose – sometimes it’s better to accept some damage and take sente, but Europeans often defend passively, just because they know that such moves are common and standard. They play lot of moves automatically, just from their memory and Koreans are much more inventive – they can play very sharp and unusual moves sometimes

Q. Do you play on Korean Go servers? If you cannot tell us your
nicknames, what is your score on these servers?

A. Yes, I have Korean Go server ID, but only on Tygem. I have about 5 accounts of 9-dan.
Best account has 60% of winning percentage.
But I don't want to tell the ID, because I feel myself better if nobody knows about my real name

Q. What do you think about KGS? Do you have any non-teaching accounts here?

A. Yes, my account is CROWIS. I play sometimes, but not many, because I don't like internet Go. It's too fast and I'm really weak internet Go player. I don't know why.

Q. What was the best tournament you played in Europe?

A. I think I had two good tournaments.
2006 in Barcelona - I beat Fan Hui and Cho Seokbin
2009 in Berlin 'Go to innovation'. I beat Cho Seokbin and Oh Chimin.

Q. What do you think about Kim Eunguk, who won the last European Go
Congress? Was he stronger than others, or just lucky?

A. I thought the best player is Kim Junsang(who got 3rd place). I studied with him when I was Korean insei (and you know him too). So I know that he is quite strong.
But I don't think that Eunguk is especially much stronger than others.
As you see the result, 4 Korean players got same number of points(8wins) Kim Eunguk just got more luck than others.

Q. What do you think about bannegi and why bannegi are not yet popular
in Europe?

A. I don't like bannegi. It's like gambling. European people are more logical. So I guess that they think if someone can win by half point, then it's enough to win.
Korean people like betting – not only in Go, but also in all kind of games.

Q. Did you read "1-st kyu" novel? Can we say that this story is very
close to reality?

A.I haven't read that book, sorry

Q. Who is currently the strongest amateur in Korea and what can you
say about his level, comparing to professional players?

A.When I played in Korean tournaments actively, Ha Sungbong, Kim Namhun, Seo Junghui (now pro), Lee Kangwook (now pro also) were the strongest. Nowadays best amateurs are Yoo Byungeng, Song Hongsok, Yoo Sihan and Ham Eunhu– they are 7-8 years younger than players I mentioned. If we compare them with professionals … Lee Changho and Lee Sedol are of course stronger, but others are about the same level with top amateurs. If we imagine, that they reach pro level one day, I am sure that they can stay in best 60 (top 25%) from 240 professionals we have now in Korea

Q. Is it true that it's hard for ex-inseis, who did not become
professionals, to earn money from Go , while staying in Korea?

A. There are 3 ways. First one - studying Go just like as insei, 12 hours a day and try to become pro. and second one is come to Myoung-ji university and study Go. The last one is teaching children in Go schools.
It's not that much hard to earn money from Go right now, but it'll become harder in future, I suppose.


2k ( RU ) 2009-11-11 02:11
Thank you for interview, Alexander!
1d 2009-11-10 01:11
Is it still possible for Inseong to become pro or have you to be below a certain age?
I thought he should be strong enonugh if he can beat Fan Hui.
2009-11-05 08:11
Not yet. He is still amateur
2009-11-05 04:11
i heard that Ha sung bong became a pro already..

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