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Servers | KGS | An interview with 13 y.o. star Chan Chihin ("kghin", 8-dan on KGS)

2010-02-23 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  4 ratings

An interview with 13 y.o. star Chan Chihin ("kghin", 8-dan on KGS)

Source: Goama magazine, #141

Q.How popular is Go in Hong Kong?
A.Very popular, 24 tournaments in total during one year, usually 100+ players per tournament and 800+ players during the
biggest event

Q.They don't have professional league in your country. How do you think, can we see it in future?
A.In Hong Kong, there's no professional League at this moment. Maybe we will see Pro League in future, but
it depends on how the Hong Kong Government helps the Go development. Right now this help is not big.
Yes, they sponsors some amateur tournaments, but the biggest prize is $1000 only (by the way, I just got such prize
last Sunday)

Q.We know best Asian Go countries well: Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan. Which country is 4th? Hong Kong or North Korea?
A.Hong Kong, of course

Q.Who is currently the strongest in Hong Kong? Did you play him before?
A.Nesan Chan - the Hong Kong representative, who placed third last year's amateur world Go championship. He is strongest in our country.
Chan is the past five year Hong Kong representative for the amateur world Go championship.
I lost him once in the last open championship held by the
Hong Kong Go Association

Q.How do you study Go?
A.Before around two years ago, I learned Go from Yang Shihai,8p (former Chinese pro). He still stays in Hong Kong, but
he changed the Go College. Now it's not very convenient for me both in time and place

Q.Do you plan to become professional in future? If so, where? In Japan, Korea or China?
A.Never, cause hard to earn money for living

Q.Who are the 3 strongest players on KGS?
A.Himoutain, zq881127, and you, of course (A.D. Hmm, I am much weaker, I think)

Q.You just played few games with jq, 9-dan. How do you think, is he professional?
A.No, he told me he's around 6d ama

Q.You cannot reach KGS 9-dan level so far. Is it so hard? Also, what do you think about ranking system on KGS?
A.I don't think it's hard, i'm sure I will get 9d within half a year, cause i just reached 8d lately.
I feel I am in a good progress lately

Q.Do you play on other servers? If so, what are your ranks, scores and nicknames?
A.I am 8-9d on Tygem. My ID is "chihin"

Q.Do you use databases or joseki books while playing online?

If you have any other questions, pls ask them in comments section on GoSensations. We will publish kghin's answers soon


10k ( US ) 2010-06-25 06:06
I just watched a game of yours, it's quit sad that you have no hopes of going for pro. I know for a fact that the kgs population would support that decision.
9k 2010-04-30 04:04
Kid, you haven't got a "country" except China. Don't they teach that in school?

The good news though is that your country's top player can give Nesan Chan h-3 and then some.

3d ( C2 ) 2010-02-26 02:02
he will be really famous if he becomes professional, I sure do hope he will change his mind
2010-02-25 08:02
Can i ask who are these two players from N.Korea that "ac" is referring to?
2d ( FI ) 2010-02-24 11:02
why do you (almost) never plays against weaker player? When you are 9D do you stop play on KGS (there are not too many 9D´s)?
3kyu ( TR ) 2010-02-24 05:02
I' d thought that he was already 1 dan pro...
2010-02-24 07:02
Yes, I think I know them both :)
1 kyu ( RU ) 2010-02-23 11:02
it would be great to hear about his study plan (tsume go, pro games analysis, learning joseki and so on) in detail except that he is learning from a high-ranking pro
2010-02-23 10:02
... or North Korea.....
What were you thinking? There were only two gods of go there. The elder one died some years ago and the other one has at the moment more pressing things on his mind. :)

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