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2010-03-23 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  5 ratings

Coming soon: Danigabi vs ha with live review by An Younggil,8p

Special event from Insei League : March, 26, 11.59 PM Moscow time (midnight in Moscow). An Younggil,8p will clone A division game between Danigabi and Ha and provide live commentary in English.
English Game Room, free access

More about the players:

Ha (on the left photo) is Maxence Lothe, 29 years old man from Reunion Island (French island of about 800,000 population located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar)
He plays Go for 6 years
Maxence played only 2 tournaments so far: EGC at Prague and Sweden, so his EGF rank (2250 or something) is outdated.
He proved it by crushing breakfast, roln111 and artem92 in even games

Danigabi is Gabriel Benmergui from Argentina
Go teacher and one of the strongest players in his country. His best results:
2 place in Argentina championship, 5 from 8 wins in World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC), 2/4 in world student oza (twice), and 4/5 wins in Korean team tournament. 
Danigabi was the winner of the last month Insei League



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