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Servers | KGS | "gotutor" - new KGS 8-dan!

2010-05-14 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  3 ratings

"gotutor" - new KGS 8-dan!

Yao Yun (gotutor) won 14 games straight and became 8d from 5d!
It's a very fast progress, acceptable only for new players. Regular KGS 5-dan cannot even reach 6-dan soimetimes after such a long winning srtreak.
If you have lot of games in your list, new games have less importance for your rating.
Notes from gotutor's profile:

Hello!I am a 5d go player from  China .I have played go for alomost 14 years,and it is still my favorite.I have won almost 30 prizes before 18 years old.and after that, I have gone to the university and seldom take part in the go tournament.

My late prizes are as follows:
May,2010     the 1st in Shanghai College Student Go Championships  
April,2009    the 2nd in Shanghai College Student Go Championships
October,2007   the 1st in Shanghai Middle and Primary School Students Championships

I taught foreigners from Bratish,America,Sweden,Germany,Austrilia,Finland and so on before.They are so kind .Since that time,I realize that teaching can make me feel a sense of achievement and satisfactory,so I 'd like to come here to be a good go tutor and also be friends with you.I hope you will improve go level as well as receiving laughter .

It seems that he is strong enough for becoming KGS 9-dan. If compare him with other Chinese amateurs on KGS, unknownplr, 9d, for example, we can see that gotutor had more victories in offline tournaments in China. 
Yao Yun is probably stronger than Bao Yun :)

But it's strange that gotutor lost few games earlier to 5-6d players on KGS.
Maybe he thought that European/US Go players cannot play Go at all :)


2010-05-15 03:05
very weird what happened here.
the other day this guy was losing to 4d's and all of a sudden he is giving 6 handi to them!!
2010-05-14 10:05
So, what do you think about gotutor's chances against our KGS stars? MilanMilan, kghin, roln111... Can he beat them all?

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