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Servers | KGS | Our very own breakfast makes the crowd go "ooh" and "ahh"

2010-06-01 Expert: Kirby Rate: (4)  7 ratings

Our very own breakfast makes the crowd go "ooh" and "ahh"

Today, our very own breakfast impressed hundreds on KGS when he played an even game against OohAah 7d.  He started the game off at a fast pace, and I must admit that I was amazed that he was able to manage living both on the right side, and with his group on the top.

It was a very exciting game, and kept observers on their toes wondering if one of white's groups would die.  But sure enough, just like magic, breakfast pulled a 12.5 point win out of his pocket!

Perhaps this game can provide more incentive for those of you wondering whether or not to join the Insei League!


2010-06-01 07:06
2010-06-01 02:06
Ac > B played 45 because he thought he could kill w's group on the top. He let w play s15 'cause he thinks he can have more points killing w.

If w played t4, i think b could p10 to split the two w groups off. Then if w t5, b t3 and there's a ko but b has k19 threat, so w can't win this one i guess.
10k ( AT ) 2010-06-01 12:06
can someone please explain me the moves black 45 (why not s15?) and white 114 (why not t4 ?).
maybe then I can discover the difference between high dan moves and kyu moves. thanks in advance
2010-06-01 10:06
Since as of lately this also appears to be the official insei league board now, we would be interested in the outcome of their previous game and whether politely escaping a losing game is also one of the qualities of the insei league or only breakfast's in particular.

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