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2010-12-13 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  3 ratings

PeiPeiPei beats MilanMilan and becomes 9d!

 "PeiPeiPei" registered on KGS not long ago (Nov 12, 2010) and he soon became 8-dan (by defeating, among others, well-known players such as "icydarts", "jiajia" and "kghin").

Today (Dec 13) he beat the KGS-superstar "MilanMilan" 9-dan, who is having great results recently. After that game (you can see it here - I have deleted the kibitz), PeiPeiPei became solid 9-dan.

For the record, MilanMilan had already played PeiPeiPei (in November) and he won that game, so I don't think we can say that PeiPeiPei is stronger than him. I should also add that it was MilanMilan who broke 'inerie''s notable winning-streak!

I had a little conversation with PeiPeiPei (he is really friendly!) and it seems that he is trying to become a pro in China. We wish him the best of luck.


2kyu ( LT ) 2010-12-23 06:12
MilanMilan is 2p chinese as far as I know.
2d ( RU ) 2010-12-14 01:12
PeiPeiPei talked with kibitzers in recent game vs BlitzG0 and said some interesting things:

PeiPeiPei [9d]: yep,I'm a girl,what's the problem?
PeiPeiPei [9d]: I think peipei is old ---yep,I'm even not an adult:P

prout [2d]: hey 3*pei do you like chocolate ?
PeiPeiPei [9d]: yep,I love chocolate:D
prout [2d]: so you are less than 15
agrog [1d]: yeah noone over 14 likes chocolate
PeiPeiPei [9d]: um,little more than 15

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