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2011-03-14 Expert: sweetleaf Rate: (5)  8 ratings

7d exciting fighting game - killing a dragon comes with some risk !

What is this game about?
It happened a few days ago between two 7d players. It is an exciting fighting game: White forced a weak group on Black, and kept harassing it skillfully during most of the game. When the moment came to kill the beast though, Black fought back inventively, and the game reached a climax with two dragons fighting to death.

Key moments of the game (contains spoilers)
  • Black 13 diverges from the joseki, trying to separate white stones rather than forming a base in the corner. The result is not very satisfying though, as Black's group ends up in bad shape, with an empty triangle.
  • White 26 strikes at the weak point of the Black shape. His lower-left corner may not be secure yet, but as his group is outside, he has nothing to fear for now. The sequence up to 34 looks good for White: now Black has a weak group which can be harassed, while all White groups are solid.
  • White 54 starts a leaning attack on the left black group, so as to get some influence to attack the center black group. White 60 is a strong attacking move, which threatens to enclose and capture the black group, while building influence towards the center.
  • White 66 looks like a tesuji to stop Black from escaping, but White's shape is a bit too thin there, and Black finds his way out, 77 giving some space to the group while reducing White's influence.
  • White 78 is a nice flexible move, which can either help invade the top, or continue the attack by leaning on it. Black takes up the challenge with 79: the White group on the right looks a bit weak, so Black can fight on equal terms there. With 85, Black resolutely cuts White groups, trying to prove White's strategy wrong.
  • White 94 looks severe for Black, and the following sequence suddenly looks dangerous for the corner.
  • White 100 aims at reducing the bad aji of the two black stones at the top (for instance the L14 peep). Black manages to live with 121, but at the cost of losing sente.
  • White 122 is a nice move. By threatening the dragon, White gains strength and invades the left side, not only securing his group in sente but also getting even more influence to pursue the attack.
  • Black 135 is a painful move. Black lives in gote (again), and White can finish his attack, reaching 144. The game looks over, a nice victory for White, resulting from a consistent strategy, nicely executed. But... is it really over?
  • Black 145 came after many minutes during the live. Unfortunately, I am not strong enough to tell what the correct answer to this move should be. White chose to not respond locally and rather secure the lower left corner. Black's warikomi, followed by the cut at 151, shows his plan: kill a White dragon!
  • Black 159 is consistent with the plan: it is necessary to gather thickness around here to try and kill the White dragon. White lives inside black's territory in sente, then seems to escape with 172. Black replies with a hane at 173, and White responds with a cut.
  • White 180 shows White's anger. He had the initiative during the whole game, and having to fight a ko to kill an already-dead dragon must feel terrible. There must have been a mistake with the way White dealt with Black's ultimate attempt! A semeai with a multistep ko appears and is played to the end.
  • Black 235 finishes the ko immediately, capturing the White dragon. White seeks moral compensation in the lower right corner, but Black gets unconditional life with 247, with a double ko.


2d KGS ( DE ) 2011-04-16 08:04
1d(VN) comment hits the point. F11 move blunder
v?В©nh an
1d ( VN ) 2011-03-17 12:03
white 150 should play E12 instead F11 . better shape
2011-03-16 01:03
Hello Erin. Thank you for your feedback! You are right, I do not know why I did not include the comments in the SGF file in the first place. It has now been corrected. Cheers :)
1 kyu 2011-03-15 11:03
sweetleaf, thanks for such detailed comments to the game!
But wouldnt it be more usable to add this comments to the corresponging moves at sgf file instead of posting them as a plain text?
2011-03-14 09:03
Black 13 and Black 15 - Korean style of playing: "Cut first -think later". In Japan they will never choose such an ugly shape

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