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2011-05-26 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4)  1 ratings

Kido cup

The first time in history you will see European tournament broadcasted live on WBaduk. Usually we can only see them on KGS or Pandanet.

I decided to post the letter by EGF president, which he sent to European players few days ago

This year's Kidocup will combine the well known 7 round-tournament of the former "Hamburger Affensprung" with the exciting goodies of the Kido-Cup !
Compared to last year's Kidocup this time the event is in the center of Hamburg, with a   relaxed schedule, again Professionals, a barbecue party, a poker-touranment and very good prizes. Look at the webpage in detail, especially on the extremely interesting and cheap accomodation-arrangements in the center of Hamburg (
Till now we have more than 120 registrations. That's not so bad. But I want to encourage you to come to Hamburg, not only as  a member of Hamburg Go-Club but also as a representative of European Go.
Next week I will meet the sponsor of the Kido-Cup, Mr. Park, in Seoul. He invests a lot of money - and he hopes on many, many participants. The number of players is extremely important.
So if you don't have time to come to Hamburg please motivate your friends to participate. It sure will be a great event.
In my meeting next week I want to discuss additional ideas for supporting / developing Go in Europe, especially for you - the strongest European players.  
It would help a lot if I don't have to explain why we have "only" 120 registrations. 200 registrations would be much better... 
We want to keep Mr. Park as a sponsor for a long time, you can help by playing this year's Kidocup.


2011-05-27 05:05
Is there any chance this might also happen for the European Go Congress?

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