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2011-05-30 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  5 ratings

Biggest WAGC-2011 sensation: Norway beat Japan!

The biggest sensation so far: Morten Ofstad, 4-dan from Norway beat Hirata Hironori (Japan).
I decided to post the game in WBaduk section, because I got the kifu (or gibo, as they say in Korea) on WBaduk server.
This game is similar to Geert Groenen (5-6d from Holland) vs Hiraoka Satoshi happening (WAGC 2008 or 2009). That time Hiraoka was ahead, but he was not careful enough in late yose. He played sente move, but instead of defending Geert played big sente move too. Hiraoka thought that his opponent answered, so he played another yose in different part of the board. After that Geert killed some stones and Hiraoka immediately resigned.

Morten played well, but of course it's hard for regular 4d to beat Japanese champion. He was very lucky at the end - he killed big group, because of Hirata's mistake in late yose.
White was 5-6 points ahead, in case of the normal endgame (if he saves the group and sacrifice 1 stone)


Morten Ofstad
4d ( NO ) 2022-02-04 12:02
A pro pointer out to me after the game that I could in fact have killed this group earlier in the game instead of playing the keima slide endgame move. So it?s kind of poetic justice that this group dies in the end. It?s actually a nice tsumego puzzle.
( PT ) 2011-06-01 04:06
It seems that Hirata only lost one more game (against China) and he placed 5th. Thomas Debarre from France was ahead of him (he took 4th place)!
2011-05-30 11:05
From Ranka magazine:

Once again most of the spectators chose to watch the game of the Japanese player, Hironori Hirata. Yesterday they had seen him sail serenely past opponents from the United Kingdom and New Zealand, and this morning they expected him to do likewise against Morten Ofstad from Norway. For most of the game it looked as if their expectations would be fulfilled, but the Norwegian 4-dan did not give up easily and his perseverance was rewarded: a critical mistake in a life-and-death situation forced the Japanese 8-dan to resign. Mr Hirata accepted defeat with good grace and bowed in apology to his onlooking supporters.

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