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2011-06-24 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  1 ratings

One more game of Ha Sungbong from the Agon cup

Here is one more game played by Ha Sungbong in Agon cup.
Yanagisawa Satoshi, one of the young stars of the Japanese Go, lost that game without any chances.

We can remember the story of Sakai Hideyuki, 8p, who reached top pro level, few years after becoming professional (in the past he was top Japanese amateur and WAGC champion). Sakai is Gosei titleholder now!

I am pretty sure that Ha Sungbong,  WAGC winner 2008 is not weaker than Sakai and I am sure, he can crush lot of top professionals, if they finally allow him to become pro in Japan. For many years Ha had this goal in Korea, but he was unlucky. Several times he was 1-2 victories away from becoming 1-dan pro


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