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2011-07-29 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  1 ratings

Big event coming soon on WBaduk: 10.000 USD budget!

Source: http://www.wbaduk.com/event/witc/intro.asp

The 1st WBaduk Intercontinental Team Cup is a last man standing tournament with five representatives from each participating continent.

Each player who wins continues to play opponents from the other two teams, alternating between them, until there are no more opponents left.

The last surviving team wins the cup!

# The representatives are decided through preliminary.
# Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Chinese Taipei are excluded.

1. Preliminary - Representative Selection
~ Round of 32 knockout tournament
Round of 16 ~ Swiss League
# 5 representatives are decided per continent.

2. Finals - Last Man Standing Tournament
# Each Team will have 5 representatives and an entry player selected by team??в„ўs supervisor.
Participating Continents
1. Asia + Oceana team
2. America 
3. Europe 
# Asia and Oceana is grouped in consideration of time difference.
1. Preliminary
Sep. ~ Nov. 2011 
Sep. 2011: Asia + Oceana 
Oct. 2011: America 
Nov. 2011: Europe  

2. Finals
Nov. ~ Dec. 2011
WBaduk server
The total tournament budget is over USD 10,000. There will be also special(?) prizes!
* The specific information will be announced at a later date.


2011-09-23 05:09
anyone attending? pls share impressions
2011-08-30 06:08
Registration is now open

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