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2010-05-13 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  4 ratings

Tobe, IGS 12-dan also plays on Cyberoro

Tobe, legendary 12-dan (!) on IGS is Cha Minsoo, 4-dan pro (Jimmy Cha).
He was not the strongest on IGS, but he had the highest rank in IGS history.
Fake rank, but lot of people thought that he can give some
handicap to top IGS players.

As Korean citizen he must have the account on Cyberoro :)
He plays here as tobeee. Indeed he is one of the strongest Oro
players. But far from legendary joonki (Seo Nunwook, 9p).
According to my statistic in Bigo their score is 8-2 in favor of Seo, 9p

I will post 2 games played by tobee on Cyberoro.

First game: big fight with joonki, who is the most famous fighter in

Second game: tobeee vs leehan2 (Kim Jongwoo, 7-dan ama).
Very unusual hamete here. Cha Minsoo got tricked and
completely destroyed in first joseki!


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