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2011-02-26 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  10 ratings

A false rumor about Gu Li's handles

        Another rumor that proves to be false : "allKO(P)" and "4k_grubby" are 2 handles of the same player : Gu Li, 9P.
        There was a very good article ( one of the best, in my opinion) about "allKO(P)", written by sol.ch (Solomon Choe), here at Go Sensations, on 26th of September 2009. He gathered some information that led to the conclusion, based of performance and style of play, as he is Gu Li. A reasonable and logical claim, because "allKO(P)" was obviously playing at a very high level.
       Then, later, there were rumors about Gu Li's second account : "4k_grubby". I didn't believe a second that these 2 accounts belong to the same player. If you just compare the games, "allKO(P)" is much stronger, another caliber. "4k_grubby" has a good rating (37616 p), but he played much more (1287 - 895). He lost regularly against top Tygem players (and not only top), while Gu Li is supposed to be one of the best in the world, Meijin of meijins in 2010.  Where did this rumor come from ? I am not sure Gu Li was pleased to see 4k_grubby's games under his name.
       It is interesting that a player, "4k.Grubby", participated in the World Cyber Games (Warcraft), so  this  handle may have another meaning which I don't know.
       Today, "allKO(P)" (against "Nice7") and "4k_grubby" (against "sentimenta") played simultaneously on different boards and my hunch was confirmed. Maybe it would have been even more interesting if I would post both games. There are also rumors about another Gu Li's handle : "anchampion"
       "Nice7" is a professional (it has a (P) in his Korean handle) and a  controversial figure on Tygem. He plays very much, his challenges are accepted by all top players and he seems to be much stronger than his rating. They say he might manipulate the betting (and I forgot to take a look at the betting this time), losing unexpectedly as pro against amateurs or winning against much higher ratings.* In the above game, he was 1,5 p away from a new surprise.
       Let the game talk more ...
                                   "allKO(P)", (Gu LI, 9P), China : 231 - 93 (36882 p)
                                   "Nice7", Korea : 1165 - 1200 (34797 p)
                                   "4k_grubby", China : 1287 - 895 (37616 p)
                                   "anchampion" (Gu Li ?), China : 329 - 137 (37867 p)


            * For more about this subject, read : "Is Nice7 cheating the betting system ?", published by Kirby on 7.06.2009



2011-03-01 12:03
Yes, thank you. I didn't know about ggbabygg, but teppeki was already under surveillance (and I think he is great).
( BB ) 2011-03-01 02:03
i recommend you to follow some new names, like ggbabygg (43-0) and teppeki (20-3 as 9d!!!)

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