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2011-03-14 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  12 ratings

"Iansy" : faster than the speed of light, better than "arrowmint"

         The amazing game was played on 27th of February 2011 (game 420053612 in arrowmint's history). I wanted to post it immediately, but I couldn't translate the name of the Chinese player. A friend of mine told me that the translation is "Mofei". There is no "Mofei" in the players list. I tried the variation "mofei" and I found a 18kyu player. I think something is missing , so I made a photo after his Chinese name, in case somebody could give us the right  translation. Until then, I'll call him "?Mofei".
         This is the only game of this player that I've seen so far. The game is wonderful, but you need to know some spicy details as to a better taste.
        "arrowmint", supposed to be the great Yoda Norimoto, was, of course, the betting favorite. I didn't hear about "?Mofei", so I expected a one sided game. Just in the very beginning, a strange and complicated fight took place in the right bottom (ended in seki). What really struck me was the difference in speed. It was a normal time limit. Yoda carefully meditated at every move, but black played almost instantly all the time. The situation looked more and more complicated and I said to myself after every move :" Now, black must take more time to find a good solution, otherwise he will lose." No, he played with the speed of light till the end. Some viewers found this way of playing insulting for Yoda. It would have been interesting to  read his mind during the game. It was so frustrating for white ! When he lost the KO on the top right side, even if he took the big seki group at the bottom, the game was over.
        I've heard a story from somebody who studied as Insei in Korea and  had to play against a very young opponent, 8 or 9 years old. He was jumping around, laughing, screaming and kick-boxing with other young Korean mates. When his turn came to move, he spent 2-3 seconds and went back running all over the room. For a complete picture, the naughty boy won. 
       I had a vision of such a young player winning against Yoda. But how young ? He is still a Tygem 9D ! 
       What an exciting game !

                             "Iansy" 9D, China : 604 - 275 (38166 p)
                             "arrowmint" 9D, (Yoda Norimoto, 9P), Japan : 212 - 68 (37392 p)


             PS.  I finally found out the correct name of the Chinese player and I added the new information about his (impressive) score.





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