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2011-03-21 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  15 ratings

Cho vs. Cho and a story about another Cho

        Talking about the wolf...sometimes strange coincidences happen. In the last post (Friday, 18th of March), we had a debate about the real name of "PDmarket", his style and strength. Because he played a lot of games against Kobayashi Koichi, I thought they may be old friends. The overall score being close, I suspected him to be someone at the same level from Korea. Cho Hunhyun and Cho Chikun (2 living GO legends) came through my mind, only like a funny idea.
       Cho Hunhyun, the best player in the world some years ago and the teacher of Lee Changho, allegedly made at least 2 Tygem accounts : "gjopok" and "NONGXIN". Only "gjopok" is still active and his last appearance was on 13th of July 2010. This weekend, on Saturday, to my delight, he was back in action and he met 2 tough adversaries : 1-1 vs."charisma24" (Cho Hanseung) and 1-0 vs."tmch" from China (a kind of strong Tygem veteran). I chose to post his win against "charisma24", a very complicated fight, characteristic for his style and personality. Talking about the wolf, talking about his style, I simply say : I like it !
       As I already mentioned Cho Chikun's name, there is an interesting story about the rivalry between these 2 famous Cho. When they were younger, Cho Hunhyun lost 2 games against Cho Chikun (the first in 1980 with white and the second in 1981 with black, both games at close margins, 3,5 p and 5,5 p). He was so upset, that he swore not to lose to his rival again. Between 1981 and 2003, Hunhyun won all his games against Chikun ! It was like a miracle, for so many years and against an opponent so formidable !

                       "gjopok" 9D (Cho Hunhyun, 9P), Korea : 156 - 52 (38142 p)
                      "charisma24" 9D (Cho Hanseung, 9P), Korea : 605 - 274 (38204 p)


2011-03-21 09:03
Black 23? Never saw this move earlier.Thx for posting - I will study it

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