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2011-03-31 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  11 ratings

Game of the month (March) : Master Lee killing me softly

       There is so much beauty in Master Lee's games. Even when he killed a big dragon, like it happened here, I had the feeling of a soft killing, a kind of art. It was so funny, the game started very territorial from both sides and black seemed to be safe (with very solid groups) all over the board. With those solid shapes imprinted in his view and thoughts, he lost the sense of danger. He made only one wrong step and, out of the blue, had to run for his life.
       I didn't imagine, even for only one second, that the fate of the game will be decided in this way (and I think I was not the only one).
      Today is the last day of March and I might be right to chose yesterday's Lee's  beautiful softly killing as the game of the month.

                      "ioiwin(P)" 9D (Lee Changho, 9P), Korea : 445 - 116 (39294 p)
                      "jdyrxcm" 9D, China : 57 - 44 (35445 p)


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