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2011-04-20 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  13 ratings

Many ships, only "oneboat"

        I read a Chinese legend about a sailor who drowned with his dragon boat as a symbol for a better future for his country. Since then they say there are many ships travelling the Chinese seas, but only one boat.
       In our Tygem GO stories, there are many stars, but only "oneboat". He is simply a wonderful player, one of my favorites. His win against "idontca1" (Lee Sedol) was the best game of February in my opinion. Unfortunately, the mysterious Chinese hero doesn't play too often. His last game was dated first of March.
       No doubt, he is an accredited pro, because he started immediately, on October last year, as a 9D, and won 11 games in a row. Maybe he has a very busy agenda or maybe he has another handle too. Who knows ?
        Regarding the professional status ( all other players must begin from maximum 5D), it is still not clear for me why some professionals have a (P) in their handle and others not. Also, some have a (P) in Chinese or Korean, but not in the English translation.
        Returning to  our games business, "oneboat" came back today just to put another spell on us. I saw another beautiful achievement. His opponent, "bomber11", made his account at the end of February this year and started as a 5D. After a 40 - 0 score, he reached the 9D level and won another 4 games. Before this meeting, he defeated 3 Chinese top players : "xiabscheng", "nextwek(P)" and "sxkr", so he was riding big horses.
        Even a player with such good results was not a match for "oneboat". The Chinese gave a demonstration of beauty ( strategically) and force (tactically) that you may appreciate watching the above game. His style reminds me of Kong Jie. I am not suggesting he is Kong, I might be only under the influence of a recent game played by Kong, where he applied a similar center strategy.

                        "oneboat" 9D, China : 27 - 5 (36724 p)
                        11 - 1 last games, lost only to "idontca1" (Lee Sedol)
                        "bomber11" 9D, Korea : 81 - 27 (36039 p)
                        44 - 0 first games, 3 - 0 last games vs. "xiabscheng", "nextwek(P)" and "sxkr", all from China


4D ( AT ) 2011-04-21 12:04
White p9 and q13 very beautiful.
2011-04-21 04:04
Thank you, evan. Relevant and useful comments.
( FR ) 2011-04-21 12:04
move 54 = "?‚°?‚??????®?¦™?‰‹" (guzumi no myoushu) in japanese, which can be roughly translated as "a brilliant empty triangle". This is a well-known way to escape in such a situation.

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