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2011-04-26 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

A big pepsi bubble (with a 174 - 0 score) blew out

      There will be always people who try to manipulate the rating system and the score. I am not sure I understand why. Maybe they think is funny or they just want to prove this is possible. Or maybe they want to give a helping hand to the programmers (do they ?) in order to improve their work.
      "pepsi0660" made a kind of record and started with a 174 - 0 score ("pepsi 0174" would have been more appropriate), before he reached the 9D level. Not to be promoted too quickly, he played many free games against very weak opponents. It is strange that those free games gave him rating points, so he crossed the 40000 points barrier.
       In mid of April, he played his first game as 9D, haloed by that imposing and inhuman score. As I expected, the big bubble blew out in the high 9D atmosphere. This is not the kind of game to impress me and I hesitated whether to post it or not. However, I think it works as a curiosity, the first defeat after 174 consecutive wins (no matter against whom).
       Will the pepsi drinker make another handle and try to reach a 660 - 0 score ?

                    "pepsi0660" 9D, Korea : 175 - 1 (41538 p)
                     1-1 as 9D, 41 - 1 rated games

                   "hifiver" 9D, Korea : 347 - 238 (34870 p)
                    recently promoted to 9D, 5 - 4 after 9 games


2011-04-26 11:04
Both are probably professionals
2011-04-26 11:04
Black 191 must be at O15
Black missed s16, it seems

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