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2011-05-26 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  8 ratings

King of Kings (R3) : "wulu123" vs. "5353(P)"

          Only one round left to play, until we find out the winners of the 15 groups and the mystery of the pairings for the next stage will be revealed.
          Some of the registered players whom I wanted to watch, like "joonki" (Seo Nunwook, 9P, Korea), "ahu(P)" (China), "biohazard" (Ryu Shykun, 9P, Japan) or "longsword1" (China), didn't show up and lost  by forfeit. Some of the favorites I was watching with great pleasure, like "930115" (Tang Weixing), "knifct" (Liao Xingwen), "xixishua", "albty" or "xibuch" are already out.
          Meanwhile I have discovered other wonderful players about whom I knew nothing till now : "wonoguli", "wulu123" ,"torment1" and  "XXUNER" (incidentally or not, all from China).
        "wonoguli" lost in round 3 against "whitetee" (China), after a very complicated fight. You can read something about "whitetee" and watch his game against "kingater" (Lee Yeongkyu, 8P, Korea) in a former post at : http://www.gosensations.com/?id=2&server_id=4&new_id=1057
         From round 3, the game that I've liked the most was "wulu123" vs. "5353(P)". The Korean pro wanted to kill black in the center and ended up being himself killed.  Very entertaining twist of things!
        "wulu123" registered his account in March 2007, as 3D. His evolution was : 18 - 0 as 3D, 20 - 0 as 5D, 20 - 0 as 7D and 3 -0 his first games as 9D. Therefore, at the beginning of May 2007 his score was 61 - 0 ! Between 26.03 - 10.04.2009, he won 17 consecutive games , this time as 9D ! Right now, he won his last 10 games and, from 23.02.2011 till today, his score is 23 - 4.
        His results in the King of Kings so far :
    R1. defeated "sinnkann" (Japan) by forfeit
    R2. d."sjs1029" (Korea, 37549 p) by resignation
    R3. d. "5353(P)" (Korea) by resignation

                                      "wulu123" 9D, China : 149 - 27 (37367 p)
                                       started with 61 - 0 ! in 2007
                                       17 - 0 between 26.03 - 10.04.2009
                                       23 - 4 from 23.02.2011 till today (10 - 0 last games)
                                      "5353(P)" 9D, Korea : 245 - 246 (34959 p)

               All results from round 3 (first player won):

        G1 : "rrx" (Wang Lei, China) - "GGGGGank" (China) by resignation
                "sagggg" (Korea) - "MIALBJ" (China) by resignation

        G2 : "ChenMO(P)" (China) - "LZG1962" (China) by 6,5 p
                "torment1" (China) - "zzhx" (China) by time

        G3 : "bienaol(P)"(Korea)  - "comoh77(P)" (China) by forfeit
                "whitetee" (China) - "wonoguli" (China) by resignation

        G4 : "silent(P)" (China) - "SeeOne" (Korea) by resignation
                "Affect(P)" (Korea) - "lwd111" (Korea) by resignation

        G5 : "HIPERACE" (Korea) - "Iseesky" (Korea) by resignation
                "ymoo(P)" (China) - "slow(P)" (Song Taegun, 9P, Korea) by resignation

        G6 : "upset1" (Korea) - "LCM(P)" (China) by resignation
                "Iamcoming" (China) - "wjx(P)" (China) by resignation

        G7 : "MUMU(P)" (China) - "irenenn" (China) by 6,5 p
                "Kyo(P)" (China) - "930115" (Tang Weixing, China) by resign

        G8 : "sxkr" (China) - "FLYING96" (Korea) by resignation
                "10hssh" (Korea) - no opponent

        G9 : "XQJ(P)" (China) - "hellboy" (Korea) by resignation
                "gaoshan" (China) - "No02" (Korea) by resignation

        G10 : "XXUNER" (China) - "mukachku" (Korea) by 2,5 p
                  "LingS(P)" (China) - "xixishua" (China) by resignation

        G11 : "wulu123" (China) - "5353(P)" (Korea) by resignation
                 "flash(P)" (China) - "selffool" (Korea) by resignation

        G12 : "GODGOOD1" (Korea) - "albty" (China) by resignation
                 "Demon(P)" (China) - "solitude" (Korea) by resignation

        G13 : "WuYu(P)" (China) - "love0805" (China) by 5,5 p
                 "SDKFSD" (China) - "nothing(P)" (China) by time

        G14 : "Fasion(P)" (Korea) - "ChunF(P)" (China) by resignation
                 "heibeil" (China) - "acb123" (Korea) by resignation

        G15 : "4k_grubby" (Liu Xi, China) - "tsbkq" (China) by 0,5 p
                 "skwshs" (Korea) - "Star(P)" (China) by 1,5 p


2011-05-27 02:05
No, still a mystery.
4d ( VA ) 2011-05-26 07:05
Any new on what is happening with the pre-qualifying groups?

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