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2011-07-11 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  15 ratings

King of Kings (Final) : "idontca1" vs. "gjopok", game 1

           We still hope to find out the real names of the 2 finalists and revealing of the secret could be a big surprise, a real coup de theatre. Just few days ago, we had imagined a final match between Cho Hunhyun and Lee Sedol. It was only a dream.
           When the game started, there were no doubts for me that "gjopok" could not be Cho Hunhyun and a vague hope that "idontca1" could still be Lee Sedol. Then I had a brief conversation with a Korean observer, a Tygem veteran of dan level, who played more than 8000 games there. He told me what the Korean media writes about this topic. The funny thing is that Lee Sedol could be present here, but on the other side, as "gjopok" and not "idontca1" ! They say that "idontca1", this wonderful player, is in fact Park Jungwhan, currently Korea's number 4 !
           Therefore, if everything is confirmed in the end, this is a final match at the highest level, between Lee Sedol, Korea's number 1, and Park Jungwhan, number 4.
           As we got used, when bets opened the first section, "gjopok" put a lot of money on himself. This time he bet even more than last time : 250 millions T-points ! His "luck" was that he did not bet all in and he kept something  (83 millions) for the next game. Most of the viewers supported him fervently, more evidence that he could be really Lee Sedol.
           I would say that "idontca1" bet in his own way, with the sequence of moves 23 - 25, J16 - F17 ! Is this something new ? I did not have enough time to check. Anyhow, it was very nice and proved to be very effective.
           In conclusion, it was a beautiful game and I cannot wait to see the next one !

                                          "idontca1" 9D (Park Junghwan, 9P, ?) Korea : 181 - 69 (37013 p)

                                          "gjopok" 9D (Lee Sedol, 9P, ?) Korea : 162 - 53 ( 38160 p)


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