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2011-09-14 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  15 ratings

"gametheory" (59 - 0) at the foot of the Great Wall

           The previous article covered  the myth of invincibility and  "guumi" caught my attention over another player with a fabulous score. "gametheory", because it comes about him, made this account at the end of May, as 5D. In early June he has already reached the 9D level, after 40 consecutive wins.
           Like 9D, he continued to win with nonchalance one game after another. As long as his victims were 9D players from somewhere in the middle class, I still didn't know what to think about his true strength. But when the score reached 59 -0  (17 - 0 as 9D) with the last wins against  opponents like  "heibeil" and "tmch" from China, the whole story became extremely exciting. Unfortunately, the most interesting part was over too quickly. He could not break the next brick from the Great Chinese Wall and lost to "ddcg". The only consolation is that the game was very beautiful and he has nothing to blame himself. It had to happen someday.
         "ddcg" is a top Tygem player with a score record that speaks for itself. Once he won such an amazing game against "idontca1", so I wrote here an article entitled "Who can beat Lee Sedol in such a way?".  At that time it was wrongly assumed that "idontca1" was Lee Sedol and not Park Junghwan.
          By funny coincidence,  after "ddcg" defeated "gametheory", he played the next two games  against "idontca1" and won them both!  A very, very tough opponent is this "ddcg"!

                                        "ddcg" 9D, China : 766 - 278 (38920 p)

                                        "gametheory" 9D, Korea : 59 - 1 (37146 p)
                                        17 - 1  as 9D


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