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2011-10-12 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  8 ratings

The KO Master: "allKO(P)"

         There is no way not to admire "allKO(P)" (supposed to be Chen Yaoye, 9P). His style is somehow unique among Tygem players. I have spoken many times about his particular style, so steady and neat. He has a gift to solve problems, that may seem very complicated in the eyes of many, with incredible ease and simplicity.
         In most of the cases, he uses his magic weapon, the KO, that helps him solve the most difficult situations. Therefore, it is no wonder he chose this name : "allKO(P)". In a free translation, if we change (P) from professional with master, it becomes "The Master of all KO" or nobly "The Lord of KO".
        The next game is no exception. At one moment, a big white territory loomed over the left side of the board. The KO master opened a KO on the right side(!), which miraculously solved all  the problems on the left. It was like magic.

                           "allKO(P)" 9D (Chen Yaoye, 9P) China : 482 - 194 (37875 p)
                            God Hestia in betting with 14,512,667,330  T-points

                           "jmk6991(P)" 9D, Korea : 290 - 326 (34569 p)


2011-10-22 02:10
Your information is very welcome.
It's so nice to read such useful comments.
2011-10-22 01:10
In an article on a tygem related webpage, there is a discussion about the rivalry between allKO(P) and idontca1, here you can read:

Also, there is another one about the identity of idontca1, which directly points him as Park Junghwan:
2011-10-19 11:10
I asked myself the same question.
I think it's qualification for the 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup, but I am not sure.
2011-10-19 06:10
this commeent is out of this article, but parik pls do you know what kind of tournament is going right now on tygem server? today play chaos(P) - lxlx, kingater - oneboat, Dcember(P) - xxoopp. thanx
2011-10-13 12:10
Thank you very much for your kind words, kishakyuu.
By coincidence, the rivalry between "idontca1" and "allKO(P)" caught my attention too. You are right, the gap was narrowed and the score up to date is 16 - 13 for "idontca1" (he just won another game today).
2011-10-12 10:10
By the way, the fight between idontca1 and allKO(P) have become really hot! allKO began to narrow the gap, he has certainly improved his game a lot, esspecially in opening. On the other hand, idontca1, after the heavy losses from lxlx and allKO, choose not to play series of games in a short time interval nowadays, but would rather to play single game in a day at most and in this way, he's surely invincible.
2011-10-12 10:10
And... You, sir, really are one of a master in sensation writing, I really admire you, keep it up please!

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