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2011-12-14 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  8 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup (Last 8) : "idontca1" vs. "Light(P)"

          The last two games of the quarterfinals were played today. The first game, "idontca1" - "Light(P)", started earlier than was originally scheduled, probably related to the award ceremony of the Sport Accord World Mind Games, from Beijing. Park Junghwan is a member of the Korean team there , along with Lee Sedol, Choi Cheolhan, Lee Younggo and Kim Hyemin.
          Despite such a busy schedule, "idontca1" was brilliant again in a two hours intermezzo of the 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup. "Light(P)" made a big territory on the left, but, in the end, that was all that he had and was not enough.
         The second game, "wjx(P)" - "jiangwj", started after the first one was finished, so it was better for the viewers to watch them both live and separately. The ruthless "curse of real names" struck again. After Han Sanghoon, Jiang Weijie was the next victim. The scenario was almost the same. Things went wrong for Jiang, from start to finish, like the devil thrusted the tail, not to let him play with the real strength. We must wait at least another year, until we see the curse beaten. Maybe they should give a special prize to the player who will break the curse.

                                         "idontca1" 9D (Park Junghwan, 9P, Korea) : 272 - 121 (37216 p)

                                         "Light(P)" 9D (China) : 40 - 23 (36325 p)

              Therefore, the two semifinal games are (I still don't know the date):

          "ddcg" (China) vs. "hope(P)" (China)
          "idontca1" (Korea) vs. "wjx(P)" (China)


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