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2011-12-19 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  8 ratings

The return of "BC2012"

              While waiting for the semifinals of the 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup, let's talk about an interesting event that just happened today on Tygem : the return of "BC2012"!
              "BC2012" is an amazing player who started with an amazing score : 50 - 0 ! Maybe it's worth recalling that the score was made at the expense of China's top players, like "oneboat", "Strive(P)", "tmch", "sxkr" and so on.
              The debate about his true identity is only in its infancy. Many viewers have naturally translated BC2012 as BC Card Cup 2012. This interpretation leads to the conclusion that the player under that account made his bid for the BC Card Cup title for the next year. It seems that Park Junghwan made such a bid actually. Accidentally, I myself found a resemblance between the trails of "idontca1" and "BC2012", right from the start, as they both met only top Chinese players and had outstanding results against them.
            "kishakyuu" went even further. He noted that  "idontca1" and "BC2012" were never simultaneously online. Sometimes, after one account was disconnected, the other account was activated only a few minutes later. Pure coincidence? Who knows? We are in the stage of uncertainty, trying to make a reasonable guess from some insufficient information.
             After his first 50 wins, "BC2012" lost 3 games in a row, 0-1 with "ddcg" (the giant killer) and 0-2 with "allKO(P)", then he stopped playing. I was afraid that he will not return. Fortunately, I was wrong. First came the revenge against "ddcg", the semifinalist from the Life Insurance Cup, then another win against "wjx(P)", another semifinalist from the same tournament. Two great opponents in top form and two wonderful convincing achievements.
            The last game from the 3-0 come back series, was against "heibeil" and I find this one to be the most beautiful. "heibeil" chased an enemy group somewhere in the center. Not only the group was ingeniously saved by "BC2012", but ultimately the Chinese hunter was surrounded and killed in a manner inaccessible to ordinary players.

                                     "BC2012" 9D (Korea) : 53 - 3 (36543 p)

                                     "heibeil" 9D (China) : 3271 - 2295 (38458 p)

                    PS.  I mentioned in this article the names of "Strive(P)", "ddcg"and "tmch". Thanks to DanielTom, we found out  that "Strive(P)" is Mi Yu Ting and "ddcg" is Fan Tingyu. Who would have expected them to be so young, only 15 years old? I wonder now if "tmch" is not the same T(ing) M(i) from Ch(ina).
                  These kids deserve great respect. They work so hard and play wonderful, but sometimes they have fluctuating results and this might be explained by their very young age.


- 2011-12-20 06:12
An hour ago BC2012 lost against lxlx, logged off, idontca1 logged in and began a match with lxlx.
2011-12-20 01:12
BC2012 seems to be right now strongest korean player on Tygem for me. I really wonder who is he - new 15 years old pro or lost gjopok :) ?
2011-12-19 05:12
Shortly after I wrote this article, "BC2012" took the next revenge against "allKO(P)".
It was another astonishing game, ended with a big kill, after 139 moves only!
- 2011-12-19 03:12
One further bit: idontca1 lost yesterday very painfully against wjx(P) so if BC2012 was him, this game against the very same player would make perfect sense.

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