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Servers | Tygem | The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup (Last 4) : "idontca1" vs. "wjx(P)"



2011-12-24 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  21 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup (Last 4) : "idontca1" vs. "wjx(P)"

          This is probably the most exciting game of the year, with a science fiction opening on the left side, followed by "all or nothing" moves all over the board. It's "idontca1" at his best and another proof, if more evidence needed, why is he the most loved player on Tygem.
          The game has a little history behind. On December 18, while he was at war against the Chinese army, "idontca1" accepted the challenge of "wjx(P)". It was something rather unusual, of course not because his opponent was a Chinese player, but because they knew already they should meet in the semifinals of the Life Insurance Cup. In such situations other players prefer to avoid each other, for many various reasons, until the date of the official meeting. The result of that game was very painful for "idontca1". He lost a big group and had to resign after 119 moves only!
         Then "idontca1" had a mini match with "chaos(P)" from Korea, 2 - 0. It's very rare to see him playing against Koreans. One explanation could be that "chaos(P)" and "wjx(P)" have similar styles.
         That painful defeat turned into a very effective incentive today. "idontca1" plays normally very quickly, but this time he spent more time thinking than usual. The effect was an extremely complicated invasion on the left side, started with 37 at D5 and 39 at C5, were "wjx(P)" seemed to be in total control. From there started the whole madness and you have to watch on your own. It remains to be seen exactly where the balance was decisively broken, as in the end there were not too many hopes left for white. It's "a must see" game.
         The very good roadmap of "wjx(P)", both here and at the Kings of Kings tournament, made people wonder who he really is. I heard different versions, from Gu Li to Kong Jie. It's funny and  I don't know why, but Gu Li is always a prime suspect for strong accounts. "wjx(P)" is translated in Chinese as "wangjiang line" and I have no idea what this line means.
        Actually, "wjx(P)" is ...Peng Liyao, 5P.  Let's take this announcement as a Christmas gift for the Tygem lovers.
        The big mystery of this tournament remains "hope(P)". His performance and the high level of his games have sparked great enthusiasm in China. They talk about an absolutely top player, whose real identity the organizers try to keep secret. For how long? Anyway, a great match is coming : "idontca1" vs "hope(P)" ! Don't miss it!

                              "idontca1" 9D (Park Junghwan, 9P, Korea) : 288 - 128 (37258 p)
                              7 - 0  last games

                              "wjx(P)" 9D (Peng Liyao, 5P, China) : 209 - 117 (36336 p)


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