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2011-12-30 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.9)  14 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup (Final) : "idontca1" vs. "hope(P)", game 2

           "idontca1" turned miraculously the tables in the second game against "hope(P)" and this means that the name of the winner in the Life Insurance tournament will be known only in the last day of the year. It could not be more beautiful for the viewers than to see a third game between these extraordinary players.
           The  game of today was fabulous. I'm afraid I cannot describe exactly the wonders that happened on the board. What I can say for sure is that "idontca1" was in great danger, on the brink of catastrophe. At a time,  it seemed that there was no chance left for him. A large white group was going to die. Then he began using his supernatural powers. Everything has turned upside down, as in a fairytale. Rarely it can be seen such a dramatic twist of fate.
           How did "idontca1" do it? Only he knows and only he can. It was a KO at A19 and "hope(P)" could not win it.
          Well, now we can answer the second question from the previous article. "hope(P)" can lose, but it takes a miracle to be made. Who can do a better miracle than "idontca1", the wizard of Tygem?

                             "idontca1" 9D (Park Junghwan, 9P, Korea) : 308 - 140 (37283 p)

                             "hope(P)" 9D (Tan Xiao, 5P, China) : 174 - 62 (38054 p)


( PL ) 2011-12-31 03:12
Increadible what idontca1 made in this game. Can't believe he won.
5d ( C2 ) 2011-12-31 06:12
There are 2 moves I really don't understand in this game.

104 I feel could be k7.
110 I feel could be n8.

Both seem to give white a better immediate result than the game. Also, both players were in byo at this stage iirc so perhaps they weren't playing perfect moves?
2011-12-31 03:12
It's not my prediction. It's from a Chinese source.
I try to avoid to spread rumors. The match "idontca1" vs."tryortry" was just a funny coincidence.
You are right. Xie He's style is also similar.
2011-12-31 02:12
I agree with you, I think it is too early for a 13 year-old boy to play like this. I also believe that your prediction on about the posibility of "hope(P)" is actually Tan Xiao seems very reasonable. But, to be honest, before the finals (and "idontca1" played those interesting games with "tryortry") I imagined "hope(P)" as Xie He due to their similar playing styles.
2011-12-31 02:12
If "hope(P)" is Yang Dingxin and he plays like this at the age of 13, then I don't know what to say.
Relating to "idontca1", I always had some doubts. Many voices from the past said that it might be a multiple account, a kind of Tygem joke.
I don't understand what's the point of that Tygem's charade with the photo of "idontca1", which shows practically nothing.
2011-12-30 11:12
In my opinion, this game was kind of "ugly". 38th move from "idontca1" was something like passing in your turn or giving your opponent a handicap in the middle of the game. After "hope(P)" responded in the appropriate way, all "idontca1" could do was to fight like hell (maybe vulgarly) and eventually, he won in the end. But I'm pretty sure that he must be very disappointed on this game. However, in the last day, I expect a game worth of his name and win the finals in his "usual" elegant manner. Besides, there is a surprise from Tygem: They published a trimmed photo of "idontca1" in a scene where he was playing in the final game: http://tygem.joybaduk.com/news/news/viewpage.asp?pagec=1&seq=14552&gubun= What do you think, is he Park Junghwan? I do think so. Before the end, I should also add that some Chinese think that "hope(P)" can also be Yang Dingxing, yet another very young incredible talent, who became professinal at the youngest age in China, a guess I quite disagree.

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