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2012-05-26 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  4 ratings

Qiao's ID on Tygem

Qiao Zhijian (from China) recently became the 2012 World Amateur Go Champion with the perfect score of 8-0.


For those interested in watching him play on Tygem, GoSensations is glad to be the first news source to reveal Qiao's Tygem ID to the Western public:


Qiao Zhijian plays on Tygem as "etggfdfghj" P1D.


PS: I had the privilege to meet Qiao in person. In the picture you can see me studying with him ("kghin" appears in the photo as well). I was happy that I was able to make Qiao laugh (by showing him some crazy opening ideas), given that when he plays he always looks rather bored (even in important matches) :-).

After the tournament I had a casual conversation with him (Samuel, from the UK, kindly served as the translator) and discovered that he would become a pro this year without even needing to pass an exam.


We hope that you will enjoy watching him play on Tygem!


2012-05-27 04:05
nice nickname :)
3k ( RU ) 2012-05-26 10:05
Why did he become a pro without an exam? Is it an award for winning WAGC?

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