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Last round of 32: DangYiFei 4p vs kkttddww 9d

It's not clear what criteria Tygem uses to choose players who play under their real names in the tournament. Last year it was YHPak (Park Young Hun, 9p, Korea), HanSHoon  (Han Sanghoon, 7p, Korea) and jiangwj (Jiang Weijie, 9P,China). Best result showed YHPak 9p reaching the semifinals and losing to gjopok 9d. 


I believe it's always hard to play under your real name since the opponent knows your style of playing and can prepare for the game beforehand. This year a Chinese prodigy Dang Yifei 4p was chosen to play under his real name. He is only 17 years old but already reached  the finals of the 4th BC Card Cup, defeating on his way top players including Lee Sedol 9p. In finals Dang lost to Baek Hongsuk 9p, in an even match 1-3. He still needs to gain experience to win such serious games as finals of the international tournaments. I bet we'll see him very soon; his whole life is before him.


Dang Yifei 4p and his opponent kkttddww 9d were both seeded for the last round of 32. I didn't find much information about Korean player kkttddww 9d. He's definitely one of the top pro players, he plays a lot on Tygem and only against top Tygem players. Yesterday, for instance he defeated daxiang 9d (Wang Haoyang, 6p, China) 3 times in a row.


The opening was rather peaceful, both players prepared for a long war. Such games are usually decided in yose and in the end Dang lost the game by 2.5 points. 


Last 32 results:


qdd(P) - All_Kill 9d


OneFlySea 9d - BWMM(P)


xg(P) - gunguntoy 9d


(All 3 Chinese players were qualified from the preliminaries).


Soul(P) -  piao(P) (I lost here 100.000 betting points, all the stats was in favor of Chinese player piao(P) but apparently you can't always rely on the game records)


Soul(P) -  80 wins / 90 loses. Last 20 games: 2 wins / 18 losses. RP: 34421

piao(P) - 103 wins / 75 loses/ Last 20 games: 11 wins / 9 loses. RP: 35514


CrazyAga 9d LuF(P)


daxiang 9d - ManTou(P), (daxiang, Wang Haoyang, 6p, China)


Lurk(P)  - gjopok 9d, (gjopok, Tygem King of Kings of the last year sensationally lost in the first round! Lurk(P) has a photo of himself in the avatar but I couldn't guess his name, maybe you know?)


LCM(P) - gaofeng(P)


dbfwlsd(P) - MIALBJ(P) (dbfwlsd(P), was the only Korean player who qualified from preliminaries)


ddcg 9d -  BangQiu(P), (ddcg 9d, Tingyu Fan 3p)


Dcember(P) - 930115 9d, (930115 9d, Tang Weixing, 3P)


LeeHS3 9d - love0805 9d, (LeeHS3, Lee HeeSung 8p - ?)

Schedule for Last 32:

 2012story 9d - albty 9d

 idontca1 9d - tmch 9d

 biohazard 9d  - Light(P)



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<div class="sfcommentText">
<p>Incredible game. Thank you so much. </p>
<p><a href="">Gaming Today</a>
2012-06-14 04:06
LeeHS3 =
2012-06-14 12:06
i've heard from korean friend that Lurk(P) should be Ke Jie young chinesse pro now 3P
2012-06-04 11:06
idontca1 vs tmch

my favorite!
1d 2012-06-03 02:06
According to Tygem: "The actual names of finalists will be revealed". So if Lurk(P) reaches the finals we may learn his real name.

Anyways, thanks for the info.
100kyu 2012-06-02 03:06
The picture that Lurk used as avatar is from a Chinese TV show named "Lurk" ^^"! Too bad he didn't put his real picture, it would have been great to know who he really is :)!

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