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Servers | Tygem | Superstars Gu Li and Choi Cheol-han clash! Over 1600 observers are awed: anchampion 9d vs. Marriag(P) 9d



2009-02-22 Expert: sol.ch Rate: (5)  10 ratings

Superstars Gu Li and Choi Cheol-han clash! Over 1600 observers are awed: anchampion 9d vs. Marriag(P) 9d

철이(P)/Marriag(P) 9d is the fresh, unknown pro to surface onto Tygem.  His stats are already godly, with an 88% win ratio as a 9d!  Already you will see that people strongly think he is Choi Cheol-han 9p from word-of-mouth around the server, during the game, and on his mini message board in his profile page.  To further support this claim, the screen name he used to be under, showmethe 9d, has stopped playing since 01/31/09.  Marriag(P) was created in the first week of February and his first games were in that timespan as well, so clearly if he is Choi Cheol-han the chain of time between the two accounts make sense. 

An interesting trivia to add along to this player is that he is already one of the richest players on the server as well, with over 30,000,000,000 T-points under his belt from his fantastic wins and his daring gambling (he often puts billions on himself during his own games, breaking the betting statistics and hundreds clamoring to placing bets on his opponent due to the ridiculous return).  This also supports the claim that he is Choi Cheol-han because he used to bet like this under showmethe (which has over 17,000,000 T-points!) as well.  I think with all of these little "pieces" of evidence, it is safe to lay down the claim that he is indeed Choi Cheol-han.

Tygem player anchampion 9d, on the other hand, already has an article written on him (http://www.tygem.com/column/tygem9/viewpage.asp?pagec=1&seq=9423&gubun=7), the author calling him "superstar"...and a superstar he probably is, as many feel that he is Gu Li 9p!  Perhaps he is taking some break for some online Go before his game with Lee Sedol in the LG Cup?  Anyways, while there is good ground on this claim as he has an article to supplement the word-of-mouth around the server, and  many were flooding this claim in the game kibitz (-_-;;), the uncertainty is not small enough to be negligible and there is not as much facts for basis as Marriag(P), so I will put a ? in his picture (for now ;p).

But regardless of their identities, these are both top 5 players on the Tygem server within their country, so should it really be a surprise to know that there were over 1600 observers watching this exciting game?  Very few games come along with that many people watching, perhaps it is the game of the month :).  Anyways, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!   

anchampion - 0 : 0 - 철이(P)

Betting Stats:
R1: move 1 - 50
anchampion: 26% (218)
철이(P): 74% (141) *

R2: move 51 - 80
anchampion: 43% (111)
철이(P): 57% (171)

Record Stats:
anchampion: 208-94 as 9d, 274-98 total
철이(P): 28-4 as 9d + total

Last 20 Games:
anchampion: 15-5
철이(P): 18-2

Peak Observers: 1640 (810 Korea-1 + 490 China-1 + 340 China-2)
Date Played: 02/21/09 (Fresh!)

* The reason for this odd betting stat is because 철이(P) put a whopping 2,000,000,000 points on himself to win the game!  In comparison, anchampion put 20,269,000 :), and he held the leading bet on his side.


1d ( BF ) 2009-04-25 10:04
what was the time setting? Was it a slow game or a blitz?
dan 2009-03-23 01:03
Sol, your entries are the best on the site! Even Breakfast can't compare! Please do more!
2d ( US ) 2009-03-05 01:03
When Choi Cheolhan was playing Lee Chang Ho the other day in the ING cup (or which ever cup, I don't know), Marriag signed on and even played a full game! I think this concludes that he isn't Choi.
4d ( SE ) 2009-02-25 11:02
Blacks opening up to move 11 is very similar to the opening Gu Li recently played in the Nongshim Cup against Lee Sedol, the only difference is move 9 which was played one row down in that game. Furthermore Gu Li strives to achieve the same shape in the LG Cup-game played against Sedol the other day. In that game black has to play differently in the top left, but eventually he reaches the same shape in the top right as in this internet game. So I guess it's probable that Gu Li wanted to tweak his opening by trying it on the internet. (That is if anchampion is indeed Gu Li)
2009-02-25 05:02
Anchampion is watching Gu Li's game on tygem right now.

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