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2010-03-15 Expert: Kirby Rate: (5)  3 ratings

Let's Ask The Kibitzers: A Tournament Game Between Two "New Kids on the Block"

The Showdown
At least 560 kibitzers came together today to be entertained by the mysterious Iamcoming 9d from China and 루시퍼(P) 9d from Korea.  Both players are relatively "new in town", having played a mere 66 and 48 games, respectively.  But despite their low number of games, both players hold outstanding records!  Since he's a new player, I couldn't find out much about Iamcoming 9d, except for his outstanding game record - 64 wins and only 2 losses!  

Lucifer, the Dark Angel
Likewise, since he is also relatively new, I didn't know much about 루시퍼(P) 9d, either.   루시퍼 is a way to write "Lucifer" in Korean characters, and 루시퍼(P)'s alternate ID is "dark".  Added to his avatar, which I've used as his player picture in this posting, it seems that he's trying to go for some sort of "dark angel" effect with his profile information.  Whatever the case, he must be doing something right, because his win record as a Tygem 9d is also formidable: 30 wins and 18 losses.

Let's Ask the Kibitzers!
I felt a bit at a loss today, since the game was quite interesting, but I couldn't find much background information about any of the players.  As such, I decided to simply ask people in the room about the players' identities.  People were pretty friendly in providing their responses, but I'm not sure how seriously we can take the dialog.  Here's an excerpt from the chat (ommitting a lot of the irrelevant chat):
Me> 지금 두는 프로들은 누구에염...?  (Who are the pros that are playing now?)
... (No relevant response for a little bit)
진재호(8단)> 루시퍼사범님이 뉘실까?  (Who is 루시퍼?  <-- Basically, this guy is repeating my question, but only asking who the white player is.  The guy that said this, 진재호 8d, happens to be a go reporter.  Among other sites, he writes for "OhmyNews", as can be seen here, for example:

upper(9단)> 진재호님 안녕하세요   (Hello, 진재호)
진재호(8단)> 어퍼님 방가워요~  (Happy to see you, upper)
참을래(2단)> 루시퍼사범님=최명훈  (루시퍼 = Choi Myeonghun)
진재호(8단)> 최명훈이 이렇게 잘 둘 리가 없는데..ㅋ  (But 최명훈 can't play this well.. lol)
참을래(2단)> 국산바=김영삼  (국산바 = 김영삼 <-- I don't know why this guy started talking about 국산바.  Perhaps it's because 국산바 is a hit on Tygem these days.)
참을래(2단)> 진짜에요 (It's really true) 
국산바(P)(9단)> ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  (Hehehe)
투저리(10급)> 조훈현 사범님 아이디가 뭐였나요?  (What was Cho Hunhyun's ID?)
swlee1188(17급)> 신라면?  (신라면?)
jnu510(5단)> 국산바사범님이 22살이라자나요  (국산바 is 22 years old, isn't he?)
바람개비(8단)> 옛날 조훈현사범님 아이디를 누가가지고 잇는지 아는데 ㅎ  (I know who has the ID that Cho Hunhyun used to have :-))
가리워진꿈(5단)> 조훈현 = 번개소문  = 거의확실  (Cho Hunhyun = 번개소문 = I'm almost positive)
3837(10급)> 번개소문-김수09당님~  (번개소문 is 김수장 9d)
커피한잔또(5단)> 조훈현= 준키  (Cho Hunhyun = joonki)
3837(10급)> 준키-서봉0 9당님~  (joonki = Seo Bongsu 9d)*
melody88(6단)> 번개 =  김종수  (번개 =  김종수)
3837(10급)> 코브라더스-강동0 9당닙~  (코브라더스 is Kang Dongyun 9d)*
가리워진꿈(5단)> 김수장님은 오로에서만 둠  (Kim Sujung only plays on Oro)
마상(5단)> 준키는 서능욱이라고 하더니  (I heard that joonki was Seo Neulnguk)
3837(10급)> 번개-김종0 9당님 ~마죠~  (번개 = 김종?)**
3837(10급)> 마죠~준키-서능0 9당~  (joonki = 서능 9d)
가리워진꿈(5단)> 김수장 = 오로에서 조천일출  (On Oro, 김수장 = 조천일출)
광염소나타(2급)> 조훈현=남북9단  (Cho Hunhyun=남북9단)
melody88(6단)> 조훈현= ♥♥♥ ㅋ  (Cho Hunhyun= ♥♥♥ lol)

*For these IDs, the commentor hid the last part of the name so as to not give the name directly.  For example, instead of saying "Seo Bongsu 9d", they might have said, "Seo Bong0 9d" to avoid directly quoting his name.
**For 김종0, I'm not sure who they were referencing, because there is more than one player having the name 김종<something> listed as a Korean pro on the Hankuk Kiwon website.

I guess from the chat above, we can consider the possibility that 루시퍼 is Choi Myeonghun 9d (최명훈 9d):  
Aside from that, we can consider many other of the possibilities for players identities, and some of the guesses might actually be true... But I'm not sure if we can place a lot of weight on the opinions of some of the kibitzers...  That is, unless you really believe that Cho Hunhyun 9d is, in fact, ♥♥♥.


2010-03-17 08:03
I'll take a look into IamGod910 in a future post.
1 dan ( IL ) 2010-03-16 06:03
Cool game , I always find it funny that people use Lucifer as the name of a Dark Angel where a literal Translation of the name is
2010-03-15 06:03
I also heard about ‘lamGod910’, 9d, who has 59-0 score
Can you post some of his games?
I wonder, if he is the same person with iamcoming
2Dan 2010-03-15 01:03
Yeah this was a nice game. Right now gradually is playing Dark. Betting is heavily in favor of Dark.

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