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2011-01-02 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  11 ratings

Superstar Tang Weixing stops a player with a 40 - 0 score

      New Year 2011 came with some wonderful games on Tygem server.

      Casillas is a newcomer in the 9D world. He started with an impressive 40 - 0 score and was promoted from 5D to 9D. Tygem gives a promotion of 2 ranks after 20 consecutive wins, so he easily jumped from 5D to 7D and then directly to 9D.

      This game was his first exam at the highest rank and he was unlucky to meet the fantastic Tang Weixing (930115). After a tense battle, involving some ko fights, black took the lead by a huge margin, forcing Casillas to resign. Where did white make the decisive mistake ? Hard to answer. Tang is always a tactical "monster". The big Korean Tygem stars, such as iowin (P) ( supposed to be Lee Changho) and Marriag(P) (supposed to be Choi Cheolhan), won sometimes against him only by building solid positional shapes. I remember Tang beating Lee in a nice tactical game some months ago.

      As mentioned already here, Tang Weixing stormed the Go world in 2005, winning the Chinese Wanbao Cup at the age of 12 ! At that time he was already 6D. In 2006 he was the second at the 27th WAGC, after Satoshi Hiraoka from Japan, but with the same number of points, 7 out of 8. Many consider him to be a genius and a champion of the years to come. Watching his games on Tygem is always a big joy.


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