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2011-04-20 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.7)  3 ratings

Pandanet Social Plaza

From the recent Pandanet Newsletter:

The Pandanet SNS (Social Networking Service) is Open!
The Net Social Plaza, a page which allows all members to interact
on the internet, has now opened.

The Net Social Plaza can be thought of as an evolution of the
previous My Panda (Page).

The Net Social Plaza allows you to put a portrait photograph on
your own page and display that photo in the game screen. You can
experience a realistic match atmosphere from your own home!
(Both players in the game must have set options to allow the display
of portrait photos)

And more: you can publish game records of matches you have played
in your diary, read the diaries of friends, or send your thoughts
about past games to your friends, giving lots of after-match fun!

Additionally you can use the community function to build your own
community and interact with a large group of people.


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