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2011-05-25 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.8)  5 ratings

European Team Championship: preliminary stage results

4 teams entered the final stage:
Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Hungary

I was suprised to see the 2-2 draw in Germany vs France match. It was clear that both teams will not enter the main stage
in case of the draw. 

I decided to post the strange game, played by Svetlana Shikshina against Peter Brouwer on the 3rd board of Russia vs Holland match.

First impression: I am pretty sure that regular 5-dans cannot play such nadare joseki without the help of databases.
But it's forbidden to use them! In the real game he tricked 3p in nadare and got nice result. Very hard to believe that Peter
played that 50-moves long joseki from his head.
At least, I never saw this joseki played in offline tournaments in Europe
From the rules:
Fair play is the base of the whole competition. While playing it is, for example, 
forbidden to use tools like programs with stored games and literature
Any cheating results in losing the complete match on all four boards with an additional four MP-penalty
Second cheating disqualifies the team for the running season and the next two seasons

Peter was winning the game, till his mistake Black 145. Svetlana punished him, got lot of points and I was sure that
she will win this game. White's 180 was very dangerous. It was much easier to defend the big group
She probably missed atari at 183. I cannot find the way of saving the group after B185.


2011-06-16 12:06
Peter, sorry if I wrote smth wrong. Maybe I am just too weak, so I never used that variation myself :)
5d ( DE ) 2011-06-06 12:06
Svetlana but she should really focus. Its impotant if she wants to be regarded as stronger than the tyapical european tops players.
6d ( HU ) 2011-05-31 01:05
Interesting variation in the game.
I would expect s11 at q10.
Is s11 the correct move?
I have tried j4 in the 1st KPMC.
O1 in answer is a nice vital point.
(White probably has to play it.)
Black can perhaps jump at j2 too.
Anyway, why couldn't Peter Brouwer
"play it from his head"?
And i don't see any trick in Black's moves.
The variation until l3-m5
was played by Lucian Corlan
and me in the 2008 European Oza.
Peter Brouwer
6D ( NL ) 2011-05-30 08:05
Love your anti-spam :-)
Thanks for posting our strange game. I agree that there probably are not many amateur players who know or even want to know this kind of hairy stuff. I was lucky enough I went through it after my game against Pal Balogh, also in this tournament about two months ago. Unfortunately my memory is not so good, so I still had to spend about half an hour on the whole thing.
(And I got promoted to 6 dan this january, maybe that makes things better :-) )

Good luck at the finals!
10kk ( BM ) 2011-05-30 04:05
I believe Svetlana is still no 3 in Russia team. Last Japan Council Cup result was fair enough.
2011-05-30 02:05
Any ideas on creating the Russian team in France?
Svetlana lost few of her last games in preliminary stage, so it's probably better to invite Oleg Mezhov. But his results on WAGC ...
1-3 currently ...
Still thinking who is best choice for our team

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