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2011-09-16 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (0)

New Pandanet tournament with great first prize!

Go tournament will be held on the Pandanet. The winner will receive an invitation to the 1st Sport Accord World Mind Games (return transportation ticket to the venue in Beijing, entry tickets to The Games, accommodation, a commemorative medal and diploma).
  • Registration period: Thursday, 15 September ~ Monday, 10 October.
  • Preliminary Round: Monday, 17 October ~ Sunday, 30 October.
  • Final Round: The top 16 players will proceed to the final round.
  • 1st round: Monday, 7 November.
  • 2nd round: Wednesday, 9 November.
  • Semifinal: Friday, 11 November.
  • Final: Monday, 14 November.
Requirements for participation
  • Must be a member of an association affiliated with the IGF or recognized by such an association. Participation will be confirmed after completion of the preliminary round.
  • Must be an amateur Go player.
  • Games must be played using Pandanet.
  • Must be able to communicate by e-mail.
Playing rules

Time allowance: Ten minutes per player, with overtime of 25 moves every 15 minutes.
Playing conditions: All games on even, with Black giving a komi of 6.5 points.
Color: Decided automatically by computer.

All games must be exclusive be played on the Pandanet Server.
Please use Pandanets client, GoPanda or Panda-Tetski.

Preliminary Round

Participants play freely at least six games in the qualifying period. You are not allowed to play with the same person twice. The top 16 players proceed to the Final Round, and the rankings are decided in the following way.

  1. Points are obtained by the following system, and the players are ranked in descending order of points.
    points = W / N + W * 0.02 (W = number of wins, N = number of games) 
    Example: you win 3 out of 6 games, you collect 3/6 + 3 *0.02 = 0.56 points.
    Example: you win 4 out of 8 games, you collect 4/8 + 4 *0.02 = 0.58 points.
  2. When 2 players have the same points, the player with the higher number of 
    wins is ranked higher.
  3. When 2 players have the same points and same number of wins, the player with the 
    higher SOS (sum of opponents scores) is ranked higher.
  4. When players have with the same points and the same number of wins and the same 
    SOS, the players are ranked equal.
Final Round

The top 16 players can proceed to the Final Round.
The organiser decides the playing combinations by making a draw.

Participation Fee - 
Free of charge
You can register here: 


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