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Servers | IGS | Halley, 9-dan and my favorite trickmove


2009-08-14 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4)  2 ratings

Halley, 9-dan and my favorite trickmove

Halley, 9-dan is one of the strongest players on IGS. We wrote a lot about him on GoSensations.
Here is his recent game with Alexey Lazarev. Halley started well, by tricking Alexey in joseki (which Black's move was wrong?), but later Lazarev played solidly and keep his lead.
I am sure, that 3 stones handicap is too big - nobody can beat Lazarev on such a big handicap, because his Go is very solid and peaceful. And if you avoid the fights ... How can you lose?


1k ( CA ) 2010-05-27 12:05
s15 at s14 ; same variation as one of the small avalanche variations, but i think this is wrong cuz w didn't have ladder
1d kgs ( FR ) 2009-10-14 11:10
R18 should be at S17, no ?
Adam Luter
1k ( US ) 2009-09-11 12:09
S15 at S14.
7k 2009-08-26 01:08
White 5 through 7 starting from Q17? What is most often played? If I was white I would play 5 at S17. How do you feel about this?
4k ( FI ) 2009-08-25 10:08
O15? Everyhing after that seems forced.
2009-08-24 11:08
much earlier
30k ( AU ) 2009-08-18 03:08
Black R8 ?

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