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2010-11-20 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  3 ratings

European Team Championship-2011

If you are interested in observing good games, you may watch the first round
of the European Team Championship on Pandanet (IGS) on Monday, November 22
We will have 3 Insei League teachers (roln111, breakfast, amiudake)
inside 4 members of the Russian team in Russia vs Hungary match.
3 games will start at 21.00 Moscow time. Ilya Shikshin will probably start
earlier (about 3 PM Moscow time),
because his opponent (Diana Koszegi,1p) is in Korea now.
More details about this tournament:
It's probably the strongest tournament in European Go history with almost all European
pros and 6-7 dans, including Catalin Taranu, Guo Juan, Rob van Zeist and other
star players


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