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2009-03-12 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  1 ratings

WAGC winner 2004 vs WAGC winner 2008

Lee Kangwook, 7-dan (keuheolheol on Dashn) became a professional in Korea for winning the WAGC-2004. That time it was the rule and all WAGC winners became pros automatically. Ha Sangbon, WAGC winner 2008 (seoggamoni on Dashn) was unlucky. That rule was not available anymore.
Lee is 3-4 dan professional now. Ha is still amateur. They are about the same strength, I guess, but "keuheolheol" plays Go online more seriosely. He has near 80% wins on Dashn as 7-dan.

I uploaded one of their games with an exciting 3-steps ko. Enjoy!


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