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Servers | Dashn | What do you think about 1-1 point? Is it a good corner stone?

2009-09-03 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.7)  6 ratings

What do you think about 1-1 point? Is it a good corner stone?

Here in Russia we have some strong players, who like to occupy star-points - as many star points as possible. Andrey Gomenyuk, 6-dan, for example - he always starts with sanrensei and takes star extensions+ tengen later.
But I never saw the idea of taking all four 1-1 points.
I remember that Andrey Cheburakhov, 5-dan (Moscow) once started at 1-1 against weaker opponent - he even mentioned that Black was able to get some benefit from his 1-1 stone later. But even Andrey will not think about taking all four 1-1 points as Black did in this game.
What do you think about Black's level? Is he real 6-dan?


2009-10-23 08:10
8 handicap for 7d ? even if white is amateur he still can't do that .
3d ( NL ) 2009-10-20 07:10
Well, Black starts stubbornly straightforward as in 'having some online-fun',
perhaps with a 'I'm a drunk pro after a night in the disco and do not yet want to go to bed - attitude').

It all starts to crumble (IMO) when Black does not succeed in keeping his stones together with B37-41.

Moves like 67 and 71 show that s/he is highly tactically skilled.

W74 looks like a mistake to me.
As W has tobi H13-H15 in place , he still could cut if taking the white stones in one go by A12 on the 1st line.

The way s/he resigns shows strength.
4k kgs ( FR ) 2009-09-20 02:09
playing on first line during fuseki
is like giving handicap stones to white

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