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Servers | Dashn | Good way to trick your friend!

2010-05-28 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.5)  11 ratings

Good way to trick your friend!

I worked on Dashn server for several years.
Was trying to make it more popular outside of Korea.

That time "britney" was one of the strongest IGS players.
He had very unusual info in his profile: "I am Russian number one"
I decided to create "britney" account on Dashn and show people
that even famous britney plays here!

Redrose (Svetlana Shikshina) was very surprised to see
"I am Russian number one" note in britney's profile, so she
decided to challenge him and prove that she is the real number one!

You can see what happened

Unknown Russian underground masters, hehe :)


2011-09-28 03:09
re-read it.. I apologize. Great article! :)
2011-09-28 03:09
Do your 'duty' and report news and not 11 year old exaggerated / fabricated stories. Those who have eyes can see where your thoughts are.
9d ( PH ) 2011-04-18 12:04
good game
2011-01-22 03:01
That's pretty hilarious. I like stories like this one.

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