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Servers | Dragongoserver | Frank Janssen wins against the top DGS player



2011-03-06 Expert: Robert M Gogo Rate: (4.5)  4 ratings

Frank Janssen wins against the top DGS player

After an early mistake in upper left corner, White, Frank Janssen,
was able to turn the game around. An exciting ko fight included :)

Source:  www.dragongoserver.net, game 589732


Robert M Gogo
2012-01-07 04:01
If B went q15 then after W p14 B p13 there is a bad aji at n14.
Moreover W still can get smaller corner in sente.

In the game, W got a bigger corner in gote and B has no bad aji.
This is better for B.
8k 2011-12-05 11:12
Question: Why did B cede the corner to W with p14 at move 61 vs. Playing q13?

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